Hey! I'm Lauren, welcome to my blog!
I am 28 years old, the daughter of two excellent parents, the oldest of three children, and aunt to one adorable niece (who completely has me wrapped around her finger). I'm currently learning to navigate my season of singleness while relying on God, diving deeper into His word, striving for biblical womanhood, and writing my blog.

Typically during the week I'm a hairstylist and my evenings are spent blogging, creating something, watching movies, or hanging out with my family/friends. Right now things are slightly different, I'm off work (due to covid lockdown) and spending my time in Panama. So my days are occupied by the pool, with my family, growing closer to God, and working more on the blog.

Initially I started this blog for single women and their want to grow closer to God. My original vision was -"Becoming a woman of God while waiting for your Boaz". However, as time has passed, I've felt God pushing it in the direction of "Striving for Biblical womanhood." That brings me to my goal for this blog. I would love to see it as a community ladies women in all seasons of life sharing their stories and wisdom with others! So if you have a story or wisdom you'd like to share please message me through my contact page. I would love seeing a community of women who support and push each other closer to Christ, while finding peace in the waiting, trust in His timing, and worship Him along the way.

I'd love for you to come along on this journey with me and see where God takes us!

Lauren ❤
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